Monday, April 2, 2007

WWF: Chyna, part 4

Once again Chyna's "injuries" allowed her time off until April 2001 so she could promote her biography entitled "If They Only Knew". During this time off it was also announced that Chyna would be featured in a second Playboy Photo Shoot. In March Ivory announced that Chyna wanted another Women's Title shot and since she had put her out of action once, she would do it again at the Wrestlemania X-Seven PPV in April. Unfortunately things did not turn out like Ivory had planned as Chyna "pressed" Ivory above her head and then let her drop like a box of rocks for the win.

Chyna defended her belt only 4 times after that match, 2 matchups against Ivory, then Molly Holly and finally Lita at the Judgment Day PPV. All of a sudden the "Ninth Wonder Of The World" was dropped from WWF broadcasts, never to be seen again in the ring. Imagine this: Your the top female athlete in the WWF. You've won two Intercontinental titles vs. men and you've obtained the Women's Championship belt and are still undefeated! You've sold a bizillion copies of Playboy with another on the way, and your biography has sold well. Your definitely on top of the world and your contract is due for renewal. Shame on you, you ask for more money this time around and the WWF does what they did to the last female Superstar (Sable) they created - they don't want to pay!

Rumors were flying for many months about the negotiations, but none of them were giving Joanie much chance of reaching an agreement. Joanie was unable to come to terms with the WWF and has now opened up her own web site, continues to make personal appearances throughout the country and is trying to establish an acting career. In December 2001 it was announced that her 2nd Playboy magazine shoot was selling well, and it was rumored that Joanie had stated that she made more money from the two magazines than in her entire WWF career. Going from a physical female "brawler" to a full blown Diva, Chyna showed women that it was possible to make it in the testosterone male world of the WWF, and how to do it with class!
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