Saturday, February 2, 2008

Empress Sayuri - Meng Lau

empress sayuri-female wrestling-female wrestler

Former RingDivas Wrestling champion, Empress Sayuri.
Sayuri's real name is Meng Lau and she is a Cambodian American model from San Francisco who has appeared in Maxim Magazine and Stuff Magazine.

empress sayuri-female wrestling-female wrestler

 In December of 2011, Empress Sayuri returned to the RingDivas promotion.
And she looks just as good if not better than ever.

 You can see more of Empress Sayuri at the RingDivas site here:

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Ronald Tucker said...

Sayuri has the look of a serious competitor who likes mixing it up in the wrestling ring.

Her exotic looks and fiercely competitive spirit is endearing to thousands of fans. Maxim and Stuff magazine pictorials give the viewer another reason to watch SmackDown!

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