Sunday, January 6, 2013

Taeler Hendrix - TNA Knockout

TNA Knockout Taeler Hendrix really should be on Impact more.
Okay I know that technically she's not an actual Knockout because she's still in the Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) developmental territory and the only times we get to see her on TNA is when she's fighting Tara.
But just look at her.....

tna knockout-tna knockouts-beautiful athletic women

And she actually has in-ring ability evidenced by the fact that she held the OVW Women's Championship for 203 days straight (with a combined total of 309+ days).
Plus she gives TNA the edge over WWE because they have three redheads on the payroll!

female wrestling-female wrestler-impact wrestling

Taeler Taking on Tara for the second time.....

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Johnny Ringo said...

Absolutely amazing woman. I would love to see her in real competitive mat action on the wrestling mats.

Johnny Ringo said...

Would love to see her in real competitive mat action. She has the body and aggressiveness for it!

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