Tuesday, April 3, 2007

WWE Action Figure - Victoria

WWE Action Figure - Victoria

And you can own Victoria!
Well sorta......
This is Victoria's famous Spider outfit with removable cloth sweatpants. LIMITED EDITION of 3000!!!
Suggested retail price. $9.99
A quick web search will show you where you can order this WWE Action Figure.
OR...you can just order it here:

They also have a Victoria & Stevie Richards set, but you'll have to find that one on your own...LOL
WWE Action Figure, Jakks Pacific Wrestling Adrenaline Series 8 Action Figure 2-Pack Victoria & Stevie Richards
Suggested retail price: $16.99

Another Victoria WWE Action Figure!
WWE Jakks Pacific Wrestling Action Figure Ruthless Aggression Series 22 Victoria
Name: Victoria
Manufacturer: Jakks Pacific
Release Date: November 2006
Series: Ruthless Aggression 22
Suggested retail price: $16.99
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