Monday, April 2, 2007

WWF: Chyna, part 3

For the next few weeks Chyna and Eddie battled against the "Right To Censor" who were outraged that she would pose in the nude. During this time Eddie began to get upset over her upcoming Playboy appearance and started mistreating the "Ninth Wonder" which obviously wasn't sitting well with her at all. As a matter of fact during an episode of Raw Commissioner Foley decided that Chyna, Eddie and Kurt Angle would be in a triple threat match. Screwed over by Eddie, Chyna lost her Intercontinental Title that night, but there was quite a discussion during the next Smackdown about where their relationship was heading. A few weeks later Eddie asked his "Mamacita" to marry him and Chyna accepted!

Eventually in mid-October Billy Gunn returned to action and Chyna began to be seen more and more with her ex Degeneration-X teammate and friend. Eddie became more and more jealous of their friendship and then he got himself busted by GTV in the showers with the "ho's" Mandy & Victoria. After giving Eddie his ring back Chyna left the arena in tears. A few nights later Eddie blasted Chyna by stating that he was tired of her moaning and crying, and that she was a whimpering pain in the ass! Chyna's real life was not doing much better as she announced to the world in November that she was single and unattached.

Chyna then teamed up with Billy Gunn while battling both Eddie Guerrero and the "Right To Censor" until mid-December, when she received a supposed neck injury from Ivory who delivered a spike piledriver to her opponent. Actually this storyline allowed Chyna to take time off from wrestling to make personal publicity appearances pushing her new "workout" video. It was also now rumored that Chyna’s Playboy had sold over 1,000,000 copies and that it had exceeded the Playboy that featured Sable by approximately 200,000 copies.

A month later during a Raw in Jan. 2001 Ivory bad mouthed Chyna by saying that her injury was a bluff and that Chyna was afraid to step into the ring with her! Ivory stated that she would put her Women's Wrestling Championship on the line against Chyna at the Royal Rumble if the Ninth Wonder of the World would return to the ring! At the Royal Rumble we witnessed Billy Gunn begging Chyna not to wrestle since the doctors had told her it was to soon to return to the ring. Chyna definitely had the upper hand on Ivory until she went for her handspring elbow, and landing awkwardly, appeared to re-injure her neck. Ivory quickly pinned Chyna to retain her title and worried Federation officials rushed to Chyna's side to check her condition.
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