Friday, August 10, 2012

Is The TNA Knockout Roster Failing?

You know I was looking at the TNA Knockout roster the other day since Angelina Love and Velvet Sky left.....and it's kinda messed up.

Of course we have the champion Miss Tessmacher....

Then we have Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Mickie James, ODB, Tara and Taeler Hendrix.
Christy Hemme, SoCal Val and Taci Brooks don't wrestle.

Rosita, Sarita and Winter haven't even been on Impact in over 30 days.

Winter and Rosita have been showing up in Family Wrestling Entertainment (FWE) where Winter has held the FWE Women's Championship and Sarita has been wrestling in CMLL in Mexico...and I have heard she was headed for Japan.

So that gives TNA roughly seven active Knockouts.

Now compare this to the WWE that has eight active Divas and eight in development (plus a couple they dont know what to do with yet).

TNA is lagging behind the WWE in their female talent.
Of course the argument can be made that 8 TNA Knockouts have more talent than 16 WWE Divas, but if they dont watch out, the WWE may catch them in that territory too.
The WWE seems to be looking at the Indy promotions more and more, like TNA used to.

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