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Amber O'Neal - Womens Wrestling

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Wrestler: Amber O'Neal
Real Name: Kimberly Dawn Davis
Born: June 22, 1974,Ahoskie, North Carolina
Height & Weight: 5'8" - 145lbs
Trained by: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Academy,Gary Royal & Leilani Kai,CWF Dojo Camp,Mikael Yamaha & Gemini Kid
Wrestling Debut: Late 1999 (PGWA)
Previous Gimmicks: Amber Holly
Finishing Move: Hollybury/Crotchrocket
Favorite Moves: The Crucifix,High-Crossbody
Notable Feuds: Brandi Alexander,Riptide,Leilani Kai,Deseriee Peterson ,Lexie Fyfe,Strawberry Fields,Mighty Heidi,Persephone,Krissy Vaine

Kimberly Dawn Davis is an American professional wrestler, better known by her ring name, Amber O'Neal.

Davis trained under Strawberry Fields, Leilani Kai and Gary Royal at the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina. After training for six months she debuted in July 1999 in the PGWA as Amber Holly, wrestling Leilani Kai in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. In 2002, Holly began wrestling for the Carolina Wrestling Federation, where she furthered her training under Gemini Kid and Mikael Yamaha at the CWF Dojo Camp. In May 2003, Holly suffered a knee injury, tearing her anterior cruciate ligament and patella tendon and suffering cartilage damage. She was obliged to undergo reconstructive surgery and transplants, and was inactive for slightly under a year while rehabilitating.

Holly returned to the ring on May 16, 2004, adopting the ring name Amber O'Neal (to differentiate herself from fellow wrestler Molly Holly) and the gimmick of a motocross racer. In late 2004, O'Neal formed a tag team with Krissy Vaine known as Team Blondage. The team wrestled primarily on the North Carolina independent circuit, appearing with promotions such as SHIMMER and Women's Extreme Wrestling.

Team Blondage defeated Clehopatra and Navaho to win the vacant WEW Tag Team Championship on May 8, 2005 at the WEW pay-per-view "No Ho's Barred". In the course of their reign, Vaine signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. She was subsequently replaced within Team Blondage by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling alumnae Lollipop. On the April 6, 2006 WEW pay-per-view, O'Neal and Lollipop lost the WEW Women's Tag Team Championship to T and A (Talia Madison and April Hunter).

In April and May 2006, O'Neal wrestled at several TNA house shows produced in conjunction with the United Wrestling Federation.

Recently Amber has wrestled for Carolina Wrestling Association, Shimmer Women Athletes,Women's Extreme Wrestling and All Star Wrestling.

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