Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Newest NXT Diva - Anya (Anna Bogomazova)

Has the WWE finally hit paydirt with their newest NXT Diva?
The "Russian Bruiser" Anya (Anna Bogomazova) was signed earlier and a lot of people wonder who this new Diva was.

Anya (Anna Bogomazova)

Well it turns out she is has a black belt in Taekwondo and is a Russian female kickboxer.
Okay...a really good Russian female kickboxer.
She has been....

2006 Kickboxing World Championship - 2nd
2008 Russian Kickboxing Russian Championship - 1st
2008 Kickboxing World Championship - 2nd
2008 Master of the Sport of Russia in Kickboxing
2011 Kickboxing World Cup - 1st
2011 Kickboxing Russian Championship - 2nd is all that going to translate over into the ring?
Well if done right it could be awesome.
If done right.
That's the key point.

Anya (Anna Bogomazova)

Imagine playing her as a monster heel with her coming in and laying her opponents out with a knockout kick in like less than a minute of each match at first?
Yeah...she could be a female Goldberg.
Will that happen though?
Well unless the WWE writers read this and say "Wow...that's a great idea!"
I kinda doubt it.

I can always hope though.

1 comment:

Juan said...

if WWE do a good job with a diva like that, Divas division will raise it's level impressively.

tho, i'm pretty sure that won't happen :/

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