Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Divas Versus the Knockouts, Who Would Win? Part One

So who would win in a knock down drag out brawl between the WWE Divas and the TNA Knockouts?
I decided to try this out myself in my head.
Now I have to admit, I only have about 30 some odd years of watching wrestling and 14 years of martial arts experience to base this stuff on, so your mileage may vary.

Well first up, the Divas have a slight number advantage, 17 on the roster as opposed to 15 on the Knockouts side.

Both teams get their Captains....
Since this is war, the Diva's differ to the most experienced women on their roster.
Believe it or not, Jillian debuted in 1998 as Macaela Mercedes on the independent circuit.
Mickie James debuted in 1999, so there you have the two captains.

The Knockouts have a harder time.
ODB, Daffney, Alissa (Cheerleader Melissa), and Ayako all debuted in 1998-1999.
So in the spirit of co-operation, the Knockouts get four Captains.

So first off we have the WWE "rookie" Brie Bella against the TNA rookie, Madison Rayne.
Brie has held the...ummmm....well she was on the Fox reality show Meet My Folks.....
Madison on the other hand was the Ohio Championship Womens Wrestling Champ twice and one half of the Shimmer Tag Team Championship with Nevaeh.
So advantage Madison.

First match, Madison over Brie.

Second match, Brie's sister Nikki against Knockout "bad girl" (or loon) Rhaka Khan.
Nikki was...ummm...okay, she was one of the World Cup Twins for Budweiser....
Rhaka on the other hand is six foot two and has wrestled for Deep South Wrestling (DSW), Japan's Pro Wrestling ZERO1-MAX, Full Impact Pro, Women's Extreme Wrestling and the Professional Girl Wrestling Association.
Advantage Rhaka.

Second match, Rhaka over Nikki.

Third match, Alicia Fox versus Christy Hemme.
Alicia was actually the OVW Women's Champion at one time.
Christy has wrestled for WWE, TNA, Queens of Chaos in France, Heavy on Wrestling and Women Superstars Uncensored.
Gonna have to give this one to Christy.

Third Match, Christy over Alicia.

Fourth match, Sojourner Bolt versus Layla.
Layla was a dancer for Carnival Cruise Lines and the Miami Heat.
Sojo was the Midwest Intensity Wrestling Women's Champion, the NWA Midwest Women's Champion, the OVW Women's Champion three times, the World League Wrestling Women's Champion twice, and the Hardcore Wrestling Association Women's Champion.
Layla, no matter how hot she is, is lucky to get outta this one alive.

Fourth match, Sojo wipes the mat up with Layla.

Fifth match, Taylor Wilde versus Kelly Kelly.
Okay, I admit it, I hated Kelly at first. But she has improved.
But putting the former Hawaiian Tropic and Venus Swimwear bikini model against the former New Vision Pro Wrestling Womens Champion, RingDivas FightGirl World Champion, TNA Women's Knockout Champion and co-holder of the Women Superstars Uncensored Tag Team Championship (with Amy Lee)?
Advantage Taylor.

Fifth match, Taylor Wilde.

Sixth match, Rosa Mendes versus Sarita.
Now Rosa did hold the Ohio Valley Wrestling Women's Championship once.
While Sarita (Sarah Stock/Dark Angel) has only held the Can-Am Wrestling Women's Championship, FederaciĆ³n Internacional de Lucha Libre Women's Championship and the Lucha Libre Feminil Juvenil Championship....I have seen the brutal matches with Dark Angel versus Princesa Sugey. At least one went 45 minutes.
Sarita easy.

Sixth match, Sarita over Rosa.

Now we get down to Awesome Kong versus..well lets just get Eve and Maria out of this now.
The 6'1, 272 pound Kong versus Eve and Maria both at once.
Eve, 5'8, 131 and Maria 5'7, 120 pounds.
One Awesome Bomb and one Awesome Splash and Maria and Eve are on the injured reserve list.

Seventh match, Awesome Kong.

Now the Diva's are really beginning to worry.
But they are down to the core fighters on both sides.
And things may change just a bit in part two.....

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