Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Beautiful Women of Wrestling 2 to Female Wrestling

Yes I have changed the title of the blog.
Well I already have my blog The Beautiful Women of Wrestling, and this one being The Beautiful Women of Wrestling 2 just seemed to kinda make this one just seem like the others "weak sister".
So I decided to make the title Female Wrestling, because that's what its all about right?
I considered actually making it a "Name My Blog" thing, but after some of the comments I have to go through, I was afraid....LOL
But I'll still continue to do WWE Divas here and TNA Knockouts, both past present and future.
I used to focus more on TNA here and more on WWE on the other, but since the WWE seems to be anti-blogger right now, I might just stay with TNA because they seem to like free publicity.
Anyway, I thought I'd post a reason why this occurred and let everyone know whats going on.

So stay tuned for more female wrestling.......

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