Friday, August 8, 2008

WWE: New photoshoot of Jillian Hall

The WWE has actually released a new photo shoot of Jillian Hall.
I say actually because Jillian isn't getting much of a push.
Which is kinda strange to me considering that when she wrestled for the Indys as Macaela Mercedes, she held the following titles:
SWF Women's title, SWF Tag Team titles w/Tiny Tim, SWF Tag Team titles w/Randy Allen, HPW Cruiserweight title, MCW Mid-American title, WWA Women's title, CIWindy Women's title, SSW Women's title, BWCW (Blue Water Championship Wrestling) Women's title, HPW Ladies title and the PGWA title.
So yes, the lady does know how to actually WRESTLE! carried away again.
Anyway, you can see the new pics here:

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