Wednesday, July 4, 2007

WWE Diva Ashley Massaro News

I wonder if this Ashley/Survivor thing is a good idea?
When Ashley gets in the competition, she wont be allowed back on WWE shows until it's over or she's eliminated.
Of course from what I've heard, her Playboy sales were less than spectacular, so Vince might not be in a huge rush anyway.
I think the best thing to do is let time pass quietly, and bring her back in with a huge bang like they did Lita.
Remember Lita's return?
Gail Kim and Molly Holly were beating the crap outta Trish, when suddenly out of nowhere Lita runs in and destroys Gail and Molly.
Of course it would be kinda weird to have Ashley rescue Micki James, but Candice Michelle would work. Though I think Mickie gets bigger pops than Candice nowadays.
And who knows who'll be on the show by the time Ashley returns.

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