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Stacy "The Kat" Carter - WWF

Stacy "The Kat" Carter - WWF

Stacy Carter (born September 29th, 1971 in Memphis, Tennessee), better known as Miss Kitty or The Kat, is an American former professional wrestler and valet. She is best known as the ex-wife of wrestler Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Stacy Carter debuted in wrestling as the interviewer in the United States Wrestling Association in the early 1990's. She soon became the valet for her boyfriend, Jerry Lawler, first accompanying him to ringside while he was wrestling for the USWA in 1996. She followed him to Power Pro Wrestling in 1998, where she was involved in an angle where Shawn Stasiak began stalking her, even breaking into the couple's home on Christmas Day and attempting to kiss her before being dispatched by Lawler.

Carter debuted in the World Wrestling Federation on the August 23, 1999 episode of RAW is War as Miss Kitty, an assistant to Debra, the manager of Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett's misogyny eventually became too much for Carter, and at No Mercy on October 17 1999, she abandoned Jarrett and sided with Chyna, who she would accompany to ringside for the next few months.

In an upset victory, Carter became the Women's Champion on December 12 1999 at Armageddon, defeating then champion Ivory in a Evening Gown Match held in a pool of water, which also featured Jacqueline and B.B. After her victory, Carter stripped topless for the benefit of the crowd. She was quickly covered up by Sgt. Slaughter, but achieved a degree of fame for going topless on a globally syndicated pay per view show. The following night, Carter declared that she was now The Kat.

Carter participated in the "Miss Rumble 2000" contest, wearing a bubble wrap bikini, on January 23 at the 2000 Royal Rumble, which was won by Mae Young. On January 31, 2000, Carter faced "Harvina" in a Lumberjill Snowbunny match. Harvina defeated Carter, then revealed "herself" to be former wrestling manager Harvey Wippleman.

Throughout 2000, Carter feuded with Terri Runnels, who was envious of how much television time was dedicated to Carter. At WrestleMania 2000, Carter faced Terri in a Catfight with Val Venis refereeing. She was defeated by Terri after The Fabulous Moolah pulled her out of the ring and threw Terri back in while Venis was distracted. On the 10 April episode of RAW, Terri offered to "bury the hatchet" by treating Carter to a day at a beauty salon, but drugged her and proceeded to dye and shear her hair. Carter would change hair colour and style on a weekly basis as a result.

At Insurrextion on May 6 in London, England, Carter defeated Terri in an Arm Wrestling match. After the match, Terri pulled off Carter's top, leaving her topless on pay per view for a second time (this time at the request of the WWF). On June 6 on RAW, Jerry Lawler (representing Carter) faced Dean Malenko (representing Terri) in a "Over the Top, Off with the Top" Match. Lawler defeated Malenko, but Steven Richards of the Right to Censor movement censored Terri. The feud concluded on August 27 at SummerSlam 2000 in a Thong Stinkface Match, in which Carter was victorious.

On Sunday Night HEAT on October 29, 2000, Eddie Guerrero came to the ring with Carter, who was dressed like Chyna (Guerrero and Chyna were estranged at the time). It appeared that he had began a relationship with Carter in order to make Chyna jealous. The next night on RAW, Carter helped Guerrero retain the Intercontinental Championship in a match against Chyna. The angle was dropped soon after when Chyna requested that Carter not be included in the programme.

In 2001, Carter began a feud with Right to Censor, who disapproved of her exhibitionism. Carter insisted that she had a "Right to Nudity", and enlisted The Acolytes (Faarooq and Bradshaw) to help her combat the forces of RTC. Carter shocked the conservative members of RTC by kissing leader Steven Richards and stripping member Ivory. After the Acolytes were ambushed by RTC in a nightclub, Carter was defended by Jerry Lawler. Richards challenged him to a match where, if Lawler won, Carter would be free to strip, but if Richards won, Carter would be forced to join RTC. On February 25 at No Way Out, Jerry Lawler was defeated by Richards when Carter accidentally hit Lawler with Ivory's Women's Championship. Carter was forced to join RTC as a result, and accompanied the group dressed in sackcloth.

On February 27, 2001, Carter was released by the WWF, following complaints about her attitude and concerns that if she became any more popular she would be "impossible to control". Lawler immediately resigned as a result. She managed Lawler while he worked for wrestling promotions including Memphis Championship Wrestling and Northeast Wrestling until the couple separated. She has attempted to distance herself from the professional wrestling world ever since.

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