Sunday, June 24, 2007

WCW: Tylene Buck

Tylene Buck (born March 7, 1972) is an American model, actress and a former professional wrestling valet in WCW under the name of Major Gunns.

Buck started out as a fitness model and as a bodybuider around 1990. Her first break into the industry was when IPS Motorsports photographed her at a Bikini contest at the Candlerock lounge in Sacramento California. After that IPS Motorsports introduced her to some other editors at the Sacramento Street Machine event that year. Tylene's first magazine cover in Sport Truck magazine was shot at the event. Her career continued on that year with several automotive magazine covers and features, shot by IPS Motorsports and Primedia staff.

She had a brief wrestling career that started in late 1999 in WCW as one of the nWo girls. She was among several other fitness models who came to ringside with the nWo. She soon left the nWo to become a backstage interviewer but that was also shortlived. She then became Major Gunns and joined the Misfits In Action stable led by General Rection. Her most notable feuds were with The Filthy Animals manager Tygress and Miss Hancock. Gunns defeated Hancock at the WCW New Blood Rising Pay-Per-View in a mud-wrestling match.

She spent some time in Lance Storm's Team Canada where Storm would not allow her to show off her body like the Misfits did. She eventually turned heel and stayed with the group over returning to The Misfits.

She was released by WCW in early 2001 before it was sold to the WWF and went to Xtreme Pro Wrestling in California and became the valet for Sandman, where she feuded heavily with Lizzy Borden. She retired from wrestling in 2002 and went back to fitness modeling.

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