Monday, April 2, 2007

WWF: Chyna, part 2

Two months prior to her No Mercy PPV appearance in October 1999 Chyna and Jeff Jarrett became embroiled in an unrelenting and openly hostile feud that featured some of the best battles ever seen between and male and female wrestler. Both competitor's would go out of their way to antagonize each other week after week. "The Ninth Wonder" achieved what no other woman had ever done in the WWF when she soundly defeated Double J in a violent match that gained Chyna her 1st WWF Intercontinental Wrestling Title while Double J left the WWF. Finally becoming an equal with the male wrestlers who said it couldn't be done, Chyna decided to get her own personal female valet the next night on Raw, while her old nemesis Double J appeared in his new home, the WCW.

This opened the door to the newcomer from the WCW, Y2J Chris Jericho who immediately began a hilarious verbal assault that led to some very fine physical and entertaining matches between the two. Eventually in December 1999 Chyna lost her Intercontinental Title Belt to Chris at the Armageddon PPV. Chyna then went on to aid Y2J wherever and whenever she could while at the same time it was rumored that her real life romance with HHH was beginning to go downhill. This seemed to be due to the continuing Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley marriage storyline apparently bringing Steph and Triple H closer together on a personal level.

In April 2000 during a European Title match between titleholder Y2J and Eddie Guerrero, Chyna turned on Chris. The referee had been inadvertently knocked out and Chyna entered the ring and administered an unofficial three count, and then raised Jericho's hand as if he had won the match. Then she surprised everyone - including Guerrero himself - when she kicked Y2J in the midsection and delivered a DDT. She dragged Guerrero and top and threw the referee back in the ring, who made the three count and awarded the European Championship to Guerrero. From then on she partnered with Eddie who became "Latino Heat", while she became known as "Mamacita".

In August 2000 Chyna regained the Intercontinental Title after Commissioner Mick Foley set up an Intergender Tag Team Match for the Summer Slam PPV. The match pitted Val & Trish Stratus against Eddie & Chyna, but with the stipulation that whomever got the pin would be declared the Intercontinental Champion. After a lengthy and hard fought battle Chyna was able to pin Trish and become the Intercontinental Champion for the 2nd time in her career. To continue her "roll" it was officially announced in September that her first Playboy Photo Shoot would be featured in the November issue.
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