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WWE: Torrie Wilson

Born in Boise Idaho on July 24, 1975, Torrie Wilson (real name) has won several fitness awards. At 5'7", 133 lbs and 36-25-36, this good lookin' lady has won several titles including the Ms. Galaxy Florida and the Ms. Galaxy Nova Championship "physique" titles in 1998. During 1999 she also appeared on the covers of Oxygen and Natural Muscle magazines. Adding to her credentials she entered the professional wrestling world and took the WCW by storm. Referred to in passing as Samantha by Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hogan she appeared on the scene as a 'unknown' woman who was talking to someone (the camera). For several weeks we were unsure who her conversations were with, until Superbrawl '99. It became obvious that she had somehow used her female wiles and had twisted Ric Flair's son David into betraying his father.

Apparently tired of playing with a boy, she moved on to greener pastures and a few months later she joined up with Billy Kidman and the Filthy Animals. Torrie seemed to be quite happy with the group and especially enamored with Billy Kidman. Suddenly the Filthy Animals found themselves under constant attack by The Revolution (Asya, Dean Malenko, Shane Douglas and Chris Benoit), who made it their goal in life to torment The Animals, particularly Torrie. The Animals tried to fend off the onslaught but nagging injuries began to slow the group down and The Revolution finally kidnapped Torrie.

The whole feud finally culminated at the Mayhem PPV as Saturn/Malenko/Asya squared of against Guerrero/Kidman/Torrie. Saturn eventually ended up pinning a defenseless Torrie. The next night Billy got sidetracked during a tag team match when the KidCam showed Torrie and Eddie Guerrero backstage in the dressing room together. Not that anything happened, but it was enough to send Kidman rushing backstage, leaving K-Dog in the ring alone to defend the title against two opponents. Later that night Kidman and Eddie had a grudge match with K-Dog watching from ringside. The Revolution charged K-Dog and injured him seriously. With Rey Mysterio already out with an injury and Kidman/Eddie fighting, it pretty well spelled the end of The Filthy Animals.

Torrie disappeared in late November 1999 and the rumors began to fly whether she was returning or not. After 2 months she returned to the WCW and came out to ringside during Kidman's match. Torrie helped Kidman win the match and followed up by giving him hugs and kisses which got a big pop from the audience.

There was a rumor that Hogan was upset by the push that Kidman was getting and that he wanted the pair split up. Not long afterwards a split up did occur between the couple, lending some credence to the rumor, . At the Great American Bash PPV in June 2000, Torrie turned on Billy by giving him a low blow and then handing Hollywood Hogan a pair of brass knuckles.

The following month at the Bash At The Beach PPV Torrie came to ringside and climbed up on the apron, distracting the Shane "The Franchise" Douglas during his match against Buff Bagwell. Shane tried to get a smooch but received a slap to his face that almost led to Bagwell winning the match. It appeared that Torrie was rooting for the handsome Buff to get a pinfall and to add to Buff's excitement, Torrie not only gave him a few smiles and some hot looks, but even entered the ring and gave him a kiss. Just as Buff turned around to flex his 'stuff' for the audience Torrie gave him a kick in the groin from behind sending him to the mat and sealing the win for The Franchise.

For the next several months Torrie Wilson maintained her relationship with Shane Douglas while he feuded continuously with Billy Kidman until December 2000. At that time rumors began flying all over the Internet as to Torrie's status with the WCW. Apparently it was contract negotiation time and Torrie wanted more money than WCW was willing to pay, and there were hints that she was trying to negotiate a contract with the WWF. Although her status with WCW was unclear her pages on the official WCW web site were gone by the end of the month.

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