Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Updates

Last nights women's wrestling match on WWE Raw really wasn't a match.
Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall were supposed to wrestle Kelly Kelly and Melina.
Beth and Jillian were already in the ring waiting and Kelly came out followed by Melina.
Then suddenly Rosa Mendez, who was posing as one of the photographers, jumped Melina and knocked her down.
See I told you that ban wouldn't work...LOL
Security grabs Rosa and hauls her off and Kelly goes to check on Melina at which time the heels decide it's a good time to attack.
So they do and pretty much decimate Kelly and Melina.
Thus the match is ruled No Contest.

Now....who can see a three woman tag team match in the distance?

Over at TNA, Roxxi, Taylor Wilde and ODB will be facing The Kongtourage on TNA iMPACT!

Also over at TNA, Christy Hemme and Awesome Kong may be out a bit as Christy is having trouble with discs in her neck, and Kong has a back injury.
Christy may be looking at surgery.

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