Monday, December 15, 2008

WWE: Santa's Little Helper Match, TNA: Knockout Street Fight

You might get to see current WWE Women's Wrestling Champion Beth Phoenix and Former WWE Women's Wrestling Champion Trish Stratus face off tonight.
I say MIGHT because the rumor is that Trish will be there tonight at Raw.
You probably already know Beth has issued an open challenge to the ex-champ.
Raw will be in Toronto this week so.....

Last night at WWE Armageddon they had the ::sigh:: Santa's Little Helper Match.
Okay I know it's tradition and it's supposed to be cute I guess.....
But "serious" female wrestlers dressed up in Santa's Little Helpers costumes?
I wasn't even gonna mention it, but I am mentioning it to highlight this.....
On this weeks TNA Impact!, they will be having a A Knockout Street Fight: Christy Hemme and ODB versus Rhaka Khan and Raisha Saeed.
WWE: Santa's Little Helper Match
TNA: Knockout Street Fight
Does anyone else see the difference in the way the two promotions treat their wrestlers?

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