Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Melina, Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes

Well things got a lot more interesting on WWE Raw last night.
For me at least.
At the Race to the Rumble Divas Battle Royal, it was down to Mickie James and Melina. After a back and forth battle, Melina finally eliminated her to become the new number one contender for the WWE Women's Wrestling Championship.
Of course this doesn't sit well with current champion Beth Phoenix, who walks out to the ring, slaps Melina and tosses her to the floor.
Bad move.
Melina goes fool and attacks Beth until she gets her on top of the announcers table and is pounding away at her.
THEN, out of nowhere Rosa Mendes (Beth's number one fan...shades of Mickie and Trish) and leaps onto Melina, prompting security to come out and drag Rosa away.
Well Rosa is the drop dead gorgeous (IMHO) Milena Roucka from Ohio Valley Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling.

I'm about to say forget Melina and Beth, let's see Melina and Rosa!
Can you imagine these two, Latin blood boiling, going at it in the squared circle?
Forget wrestling, this could be the ultimate feud if played right.
Melina has a good wrestling background and Roucka has been training at OVW and FCW and has some MMA training as well.
Let's see how the WWE handles it.
I'm not gonna assume they screw it up right off the bat this time like I usually do.

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