Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More WWE Diva Ashley Massaro News

WWE's Ashley Massaro grapples to pin down 'Survivor' win

No doubt, as a WWE wrestler Ashley Massaro can handle herself in the ring.

But the real question is: How can she handle herself in the wild - as in China? The Long Island native is one of the castaways on "Survivor: China," which launches Thursday at 8 p.m.

"I actually went crazy trying to train as much as possible," said Massaro, who also appeared on the cover and inside the April issue of Playboy. "I just brushed up on my outdoor skills a little bit, practiced with a flint and all that stuff."

Massaro is one of 16 players who were left to fend for themselves in China in a quest to win $1 million. Also on the show is professional poker player (and fellow Long Islander) Jean-Robert Bellande and Courtney Yates, a New York City waitress who grew up in Boston.

"We have some pretty good characters," said host Jeff Probst. "This season, we have some very big characters."

Among them, of course, is Massaro

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