Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tammy Lynn Sytch / Sunny - WWF

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Ring name(s): Tamara Murphy Fytch,Tamara Murphy,Sunny,Tammy Lynn Sytch,Tammy Sytch
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Born: December 7th, 1972 in Matawan, New Jersey
Trained by Brian Lee,Chris Candido,ECW
Pro Wrestling Debut: 1993

Tammy Lynn Sytch (born December 7th, 1972) was a professional wrestling diva for ECW, WCW, WWF and various independent promotions. She achieved her greatest success as Sunny in WWF in the mid to late 1990s.

January 21, 2006--NWA Cyberspace: Rodney Mack defeated Kip James (managed by Tammy Sytch)..
February 18, 2006--Jersey All Pro Wrestling: Mercedes Martinez defeated Talia w/April Hunter with Tammy Sytch as referee..
March 26, 2006--NWA Cyberspace: Rhino defeated Sabu (managed by Tammy Sytch) and gored Tammy after the match.
May 21, 2006--NWA Cyberspace: Rhino defeated Kip James (As stipulated, Tammy Sytch must now leave NWA Cyberspace)..
June 3, 2006--National Wrestling Superstars: Lex Luger w/Tammy Sytch defeated Johnny Candido w/Dawn Marie..
October 7, 2006--WCWA: Tito Santana w/Tammy Sytch vs Greg "The Hammer" Valentine ended in a Double Countout.

Tammy Lynn Sytch / Sunny - WWF

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