Monday, May 4, 2009

Lots of TNA Knockout stuff.....

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Evidently TNA Knockout Jenna Morasca is more than a little angry over people wondering just why she is in TNA.
And apparently it was an article by Dave Meltzer at that drove her over the edge.
Mr. Meltzer had written that many in the company (TNA) are wondering exactly why she was signed.
Jenna responded to this in a post on her MySpace blog.
You can read it here:

I have to admit I wondered why Jenna was signed as well.
BUT...I wondered why Michelle McCool and Maryse were signed by the WWE, and one of them is now the ex-Diva's Champ and one is the current.
So I have been wrong.

And it seems now that Roxxi actually requested her release from TNA.
She was serving a 60-day suspension for an incident backstage with Rhaka Khan that turned physical.
And some insiders felt that Roxxi was getting a bad deal because of the relationship Kurt Angle has with Rhaka.
Yeah I thought about that too, I just didn't say anything.

There's an article at The Daily Press about TNA Knockout Traci Brooks speaking to students about overcoming Erb's Palsy in her right arm.
I had heard about that, but I had no idea that Traci couldn't raise her right arm over her head.
You can read the full article here:

And lastly, TNA has released the "Knockouts Blaster Pack" at their store.
It's a set of exclusive licensed trading cards produced by TRISTAR.
You can check them out here:

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