Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last Night on Smackdown-Michelle McCool and Gail Kim

Gail Kim got beat last night by Michelle McCool in a number one contender match on Smackdown.
Well that's kinda to be expected right?
I don't think they are ready to do face versus face and have Melina go up against Gail.
The match was good, as the matches with Gail and Michelle are.
Gail looked like she is moving back towards her "submission specialist" move set.
Maybe the WWE writers ARE reading my blogs since I stated awhile back that I thought she should do that.
If so...thank you!
Mixing pro wrestling with MMA style submissions (especially in the Diva's division) is to me a very good idea.
female submission wrestling is very popular on the net, and the WWE could tap into that easily.

Picture this.....
A male heel comes out and starts running his mouth.
One of the Divas comes out and tells him to shut up.
Since she's a girl, the heel takes a swing at her.
The Diva ducks the swing, trips him and clamps on a kimura or a keylock or an armbar or even a triangle choke, applies the pressure and makes him tap out!
This instantly makes up for Wrestlemania and suddenly gives the Diva division new street cred.

Outlandish you may say?
As I recall, martial arts were originally designed so that smaller, weaker opponents could take out larger stronger ones.
You know Bruce Lee was about 5 '6 and his weighed in at around 145.
Gail has her submission moves, Beth Phoenix was a collegiate wrestler and aren't Michelle and Maryse also trained in martial arts?

Now if you read my blogs, you know how much I hate gimmick matches.
But if done right, this could elevate the Diva division to new heights.
And BTW, lets make that a one shot, limited storyline thing with a male wrestler.
I don't really wanna see Triple H versus Maryse as the main even on Raw.

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