Thursday, March 5, 2009

TNA Wrestling, Traci Brooks and SoCal Val

On March 14th through the 25th, several celebrities from sports and entertainment will be making a trip to Iraq to support our troops there.
Among the celebrities that are going will be TNA Knockouts Traci Brooks and SoCal Val.
This is Traci's second trip to Iraq for the troops, the first was in 2006.
Traci and SoCal also have a new photo shoot up at, that looks like they may be pushing the idea that SoCal had for the TNA Knockouts to pose for a certain well known men's magazine that the WWE supposedly isn't going to work with anymore.
Besides the new photo shoot, you can get updates on the Traci / SoCal trip to Iraq there as well.
They also have footage posted from Traci's first trip.

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