Friday, March 13, 2009

TNA looking for a new lead Knockout

Ms.Payton Banks (Rain)

TNA is looking for a lead face Knockout to replace the void left by Gail Kim.
The Sarah Stock signing looks like it's marred in paperwork at the moment with her having to fulfill commitments to CMLL.
So where do they go to get the "next big thing"?
TNA has a habit of getting REAL wrestlers, so dont look for any bikini models.
I figure they will go to the Indys, SHIMMER in particular.

They have already used Ms. Payton Banks (Rain), and I think they should have kept her.
(BTW, Angelina Love and Rain have a limited edition poster for sale on ebay. It's personalized and autographed and you get a certificate of Authenticity AND a 4x6 picture of Angelina and Rain signing the poster.
You can see the auction here
The current bid at this moment is $58.00. )

How cool would it be to see MsChif in TNA?
Daffney (Shannon Spruill) is already there, so that combo as a tag team or Daffney as her manager...awesome.

Sara Del Rey?
VERY talented.

Mercedes Martinez?
Again, very talented and experienced.

She left the WWE. But it looks like we may see her in MMA first.

Daizee Haze?
I think Daizee would be a good choice, and she has worked some TNA matches in the past.

Allison Danger?
That would be too good. Allison and Cheerleader Melissa on the same show?

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