Monday, July 30, 2007

"Supermodel" Amy Love - Female Wrestling

Wrestler: "Supermodel" Amy Love
Real Name: Amy Jefferson-Santee
Birthday: October 27
Hometown: Born in Houston, Texas,Moved to Orlando, Florida,Moved to St. Petersburg, Florida
Marital Status: Engaged to Bruce Steele
Weight:135 lbs
Trained by: POW Wrestling School,Florida Wrestleplex
Wrestling Debut: August 2003
Previous Gimmicks: "Hot Ass" Amy Love, Penny Penzer
Finishing Move: Dolce Double Arm DDT
Favorite Wrestling Moves: Crossbody, Side Russian Leg Sweep, Mexican Headscissors
Notable Feuds: Kevin Devine, Lorelei Lee, Lexi Fyfe, Riptide

Love was a huge fan of wrestling growing up. Before becoming a wrestler, Love worked behind the concession stands at wrestling events.
She got the name Love from valeting for Eddie Cobain. (Courtney Love is the widow of Kurt Cobain).
Amy commuted from Orlando to St. Petersburg three times a week to train and work shows. She eventually moved to St. Pete’s.
In addition to working for NWA Florida, she also works matches for Lexie Fyfe’s web site.

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