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WWE: Victoria

Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) was born February 10, 1971, into an athletic family in San Bernardino, CA. All 3 of her older brothers were amateur wrestlers with two of them earning wrestling scholarships to college and her brother Bobby even went on to the Pan American Games in 1983 to win a gold medal.
Picked with only a handful of other women to cheer at halftime during an NFL Pro Bowl, Victoria went on to win a bodybuilding competition, have a run as a fitness competitor and obtain her IFBB Professional Fitness Card. She has also appeared on television in cities nationwide as a fitness expert.

1999 Debbie Kruck Fitness Classic - 1st, Tall Class
1999 NPC Team Universe - 2nd, Tall Class
1998 ESPN2 Fitness America Series - 2nd
1998 Ironwoman Tri-Fitness - 4th, overall
1997 ESPN2 Fitness America Series - 1st
1997 Triple Crown Lifequest - Top 20
1995 NPC Inland Empire - 1st place, Middleweight (bodybuilding)
Honorable Mention: PWI's 2001 Rookie of the Year Contest
All-American Cheerleader Award
NPC Middleweight Bodybuilding Champion
IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor

Attending UCLA and Loma Linda University and studying Bio-Med allowed her to use her Pre-Med education in an unusual manner. After receiving certifications in Cryolife Tissue Recovery Training in Vascular Tissue; and Muscular Skeletal Transplant Foundation Educational Course Completion, Lisa Marie was employed as a Human Tissue Coordinator she began working at the Inland Eye and Tissue Bank in Redlands, CA where she became a Human Tissue Coordinator. She performed medical and personal background checks on potential donors, as well as physically examining the cadavers for suitability.

Lisa made her WWF debut as one of the regularly appearing "Hos" with The Godfather. She led the "Save the Ho" campaign and was often referred to as the "Head Ho". In August 2000 she was thrown through a table and thereafter referred to as "Victoria." Pulled from telecasts in November she began training with the MCW in Memphis and OVW in Louisville.

In January 2001 rumors started appearing almost weekly about her re-debut as the 'wrestling' Victoria. The rumors continued for what seemed like forever until she finally made a semi-debut on July 7, 2002 during a Heat broadcast where she wrestled a short match and lost to Trish Stratus. She didn't appear again until a RAW broadcast on August 8, 2002 when Molly Holly introduced Victoria to Chris Nowinski and William Regal, explaining that she had been training her.

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