Sunday, January 11, 2015

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks - NXT

Well I have tried to keep the focus of this blog on TNA Impact wrestling and the TNA Knockouts, but boy it is hard.
They are just not giving me much to work with at all.

So to supplement the posts here, I am gonna start adding back in some WWE Divas, but I am gonna try to stay with NXT here.
To me the best thing is NXT, well there are several things actually, but the main one this time is the feud between NXT Women's Champion Charlotte and "The Boss of NXT" Sasha Banks.

Besides being a battle between former BFFs, this has turned into quite a "ground war" with submission moves and holds galore.
And truthfully, some of the NXT Divas matches are way better than the WWE Divas.

So Far Sasha hasn't been able to score a win over Charlotte and take the title.
But give her time.

The champion has to win every time.
The challenger only has to win once.

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks - NXT

Charlotte-Sasha Banks-NXT-WWE-WWE Divas-WWE Divas Division-wrestling

Charlotte-Sasha Banks-NXT-WWE-WWE Divas-WWE Divas Division

Charlotte-Sasha Banks-NXT-WWE-WWE Divas

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