Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Santana Garrett vs Shazza McKenzie

This picture of female pro wrestlers Santana Garrett and Shazza McKenzie in an unusual wrestling position is from Shimmer Women Athletes DVD SHIMMER 50.
It was taken by Rob Brazier Jr. and you have to admit, he caught the action at just the right time.

Santana Garrett vs Shazza McKenzie

It's been awhile since I have mentioned SHIMMER here, even though they are pretty much the go to place for Indy women's wrestling.
I used to do all of my Indy write ups over at my Women's Pro Wrestling blog, but since Google seems to hate it now, I have decided to move all of that over here to this blog.
I did a write up on Santana Garrett there a while back, but I haven't done one on Aussie Shazza McKenzie yet.....

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