Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Velvet Sky - TNA Knockout Jobber?

I'm beginning to think that TNA has turned Velvet Sky into the ultimate Jobber.
Not that she's a bad wrestler in any way, I mean she started out at the House of Pain Pro Wrestling Dojo back around 2003.
And she has been with TNA since 2007.
But in her five years with the company, and despite how incredibly popular she is, she has held the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship once and the TNA Women's Knockout Championship once.
Gail Kim has held it twice, Angelina Love has held it five times, Tara has held it four times, ODB three times, Madison Rayne three times, Mickie James twice and Winter twice.
Does Vel just not want the title?
Or do the writers just not want to give it to her for any length of time?
She only held it 28 days and lost it to...surprise..Gail Kim...

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Sammy said...

TNA isn't makinh Velvet a jobber. She IS a jobber. Horrible in the ring. I wish TNA would use more of Sarita and Winter. What happened to them?? And I'm starting to miss Mickie. Even Brooke is a little better than Velvet, and she is TERRIBLE. I know I sound like I'm hatin' but I'm a tad frustrated with the Knockouts division this past 2 months. I'm so much nicer if TNA is using their knockouts better~

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