Friday, September 2, 2011

Kelly or Eve Torres - New WWE Heel?

As you probably already know, the Wrestling Observer is reporting that the WWE is thinking about having either Kelly or Eve Torres turn heel, then have them feud with each other.
K2, the current Divas Champion (I never dreamed I would be typing that) and Eve have a fairly tight on-screen friendship.
But, back on June 20th, she lost the vote on WWE Raw to be the Diva that faced Brie Bella for WWE Divas Championship (again...never thought I'd be typing that).
And she lost to...Kelly.
Kelly went on to win the title.
Then on Raw on June 27th, Kelly beat Nikki Bella in submission match and got jumped afterwards.
Who made the save?
On the Fourth of July Raw, Kelly and Eve beat the Bella Twins.
Then Eve accompanied Kelly Kelly in her Divas Championship match at the Money in the Bank PPV.
Kelly and Eve have been teaming up and saving each other ever since.
But...wouldnt it be cool to have Eve say that it was all an act, and that she had been working herself in closer to Kelly to gain her confidence and learn her weaknesses (wrestling).
What would make this cool would be the idea that this storyline had been formulating for four months, rather than four weeks like most WWE storylines.
Remember back in the day when heel turns took months?
Eve could be Kelly's worst nightmare, having trained beside her and fought beside her in and out of the ring.

Of course I am probably putting wayyyy too much thought into this.
Kelly will probably just snap on night and the next week be totally evil.
Only the brave Eve will be able to stop her and Kelly will go back to face in about a month.

But wouldn't Eve make a great heel?

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