Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Updates - Velvet Sky, Maryse and Melina

Is TNA Knockout Velvet Sky going to be on Dancing With The Stars?

Well she will be if TNA can do anything about it.
Over at they have a link to click to vote for Velvet to be on DWTS.
Why not?
Stacy Keibler and Jericho have both done it.
It would be great PR for TNA.

Maryse is healing up from her hernia surgery and posted this over at

Hey planet sexy,

I met with my surgeon today and she said everything is perfect. There’s a little bit of fluid inside by the incision and where the repairs were done, but its totally normal apparently. The scar healed really good and there is no infection. So the surgery was a total success. I’m sooooooo happy!!!

Be Sexy!!!

And finally, I mentioned over at Beautiful Women of Wrestling that former WWE Diva will be taking on another former WWE Diva Serena Deeb, on November 19th at the Womens' Superstars Unleashed iPPV at the ACE Arena in Union City, NJ.

Well right after that (and I mean RIGHT after that) Melina and Serena (along with another ex-WWE Diva Jillian Hall) will be appearing on the WASP (Wrestling All Star Pros) tour in Mexico on November 20th.
You can see more about that here:

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