Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nattie Neidhart in the WWE.......

Nattie Neidhart is having a little trouble in the WWE.
Nattie is still down at Florida Championship Wrestling, but moving her up involves a small problem for the WWE.
They think she looks too much like Beth Phoenix.
I don't blame them really because I noticed the resemblance first time I saw her.
Now what to do?
Okay, I'm gonna say the wrestling fans are smart enough to tell the difference. Beth is Beth and Nattie is Nattie.
Dye her hair?
Look at some photos of Ashley and Brooke side-by-side.
Or they could pull the classic WWE move and make Nattie Beth's good twin sister. (Wait, that's soap operas.)
But would the WWE ignore Nattie's legendary wrestling heritage?
If Vince thinks it'll make money, in a heartbeat!

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