Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Top Ten Most Popular Internet Divas

Here's an update on the most searched wrestlers, with a few surprises.....

Trish Stratus
Yes, retired but still number one.

Candice Michelle
Not the WWE Women's Champ anymore, but still number two.

Jennifer Walcott
You know, I should probably take her out of this list because she ain't coming back.

Torrie Wilson
Out injured but still number four.
Retired, but you know when she was on the anniversary show, I thought I saw a little spark in her eye.......
Really surprised here. The WWE SmackDown! interviewer?
Retired, but still popular.
RAW's Diva, Interviewer, Wrestler...basically their " go to girl" .
Ashley Massaro
Even though she was voted off after six days in China.
Terri Runnels
Okay, Terri is WAY retired but still has enough clout to hit number 10.

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