Friday, July 6, 2007

TNA News: Ms.Brooks,Jackie Moore and Gail Kim.

Last night on TNA iMPACT they had a 3 way wrestling match between Ms.Brooks,Jackie Moore and Gail Kim.
Of course at first the two heels Jackie and Ms.Brooks argued over who would beat up Gail.
Jackie attacked Traci a with a series of chops. It went back and forth, all in all not a bad match.
Gail finally won by rolling through on a pin attempt by Jackie for the pin of her own.

Of course after the match both women started a beatdown on Gail in true heel fashion.
Eric Young ran in for the save, which worked well till Robert Roode ran in and pounded Young.
Then Roode beat up Young and the women beat up Gail.

Highlights: Double Boston Crab on Gail by Traci and Jackie, and a REALLY hard German Supplex on Gail from Jackie.

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