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Teri Byrne - WCW Nitro Girl Fyre

Teri Byrne (born April 11th, 1967 in Pensacola, Florida) was a member of WCW's Nitro Girls and is a former fitness competitor.

Height: 5’3”
Weight: 109 lbs.
Birthday: April 11, 1967
Hometown: Pensacola, Florida
Eye Color: Green
Measurements: 37D-24-35

Teri Byrne - WCW Nitro Girl Fyre

Teri graduated from Arizona State University with Honors in Communication.

She first started out competing as a fitness model. Then, she met Kimberly Page and she joined WCW's original Nitro Girls as Nitro Girl Fyre in 1997 and stayed with them until 1999. She then opened a website as a model but shut it down after a couple of years. In 1999, she appeared in the non-nude Nitro Girls pictorial in Penthouse Magazine. After the demise of the Nitro Girls in 2000, she was a member of the pop music group Diversity 5 with some other former Nitro Girls.

Teri Byrne - WCW Nitro Girl Fyre

Teri grew up in Atlanta and practically lived in the stables in which her dad raised Arabian horses. Attending college in Arizona, she devoted much of her time to speaking out against cruelty to animals and the inhumane treatment of Greyhounds and Saddlebred horses. Eventually the aerobics bug kicked in, and Teri went from a student to an instructor. She entered herself in numerous fitness competitions, including the Ujena calendar swimwear contest and Miss Fiesta Bowl for the Arizona State Sun Devils.

Teri met Kimberly Page, who worked out in the same gym. Kimberly approached her with the idea of joining her new Nitro Girl troupe. Teri wowed everyone at the audition and got the position. Her family and friends were obviously shocked that she was going to dance for a wrestling company after spending 5 years at a cushy mortgage company job. "I was always the straitlaced good kid out of all my siblings. Everyone thought I went off the deep end."

Teri Byrne - WCW Nitro Girl Fyre

Two weeks later, she and six other complete strangers debuted on NITRO. For two and a half years 'Fyre' appeared on Monday nights with the Nitro Girls until January 2000. At that time, with a change in the WCW management, as well as troupe leadership (Kimberly left the Nitro Girls), Teri decided it was time to move on.

"The concept of the troupe changed, and the direction they wanted to take the girls in really changed. It was too difficult for me to go along with those changes. Being one of the originals, I really put my heart and soul into the group, and I didn't feel good about what was being done. One week we're excited to be back and dancing, the next I'm getting mashed potatoes thrown at me and I'm wrestling."

Teri Byrne - WCW Nitro Girl Fyre

Disappearing for almost a year, Teri resurfaced with several other ex-Nitro Girls (Spice, Paisley, Tygress, and Chae) to begin a singing career with their new group called Diversity 5. She was also actively involved with the development of a comic book 'Nytro' by Gypsy Press, that was based on a bounty hunter.

She is now married and is a personal trainer.

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