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Kimberly Page - Nitro Girl Kimberly

Kimberly Page - Nitro Girl Kimberly
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Weight: 133 lbs.
Birthday: January 1, 1970
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Other Wrestling Identities: Diamond Doll, Nitro Girl Kimberly, Booty Babe, Kimberly

Kimberly Page (born Kimberly Lynn Bacon on January 1, 1970 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American actress and former valet for her husband Diamond Dallas Page,DDP.

Kimberly met DDP in 1991 at his nightclub in Florida and they started dating shortly after. DDP was a manager at the time in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Her first appearance was as his Diamond Doll on one of WCW's TV shows. Kimberly went on to marry DDP on December 1, 1991. She did not make any more appearances on WCW TV until 1994, when she became DDP's regular valet. Before then, she worked as a Public Relations Coordinator, Account Executive, Aerobics Instructor and as a Waitress. She was not at any point, as previously & erroneously reported, Ric Flair's "maid" Fifi. (Fifi was portrayed by Wendy Barlow, or WCW front office employee Sharon Sidello, conflicting reports.)

DDP had a feud with Dave Sullivan, who objected to how DDP treated her. DDP won that feud but ended up losing Kimberly in a match to Johnny B. Badd (Marc Mero) in 1995. Johnny promptly freed her and she became his valet going by the name of Kimberly.

Mero eventually departed for the WWF and she became The Booty Babe for The Booty Man. In 1997, she rejoined DDP to help him feud with "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Soon after, she formed the dance team known as The Nitro Girls. They danced during breaks on WCW Monday Nitro to entertain the fans. They filmed a PPV that was released in 1999. She stayed with this until late 1999 when she rejoined DDP and even "wrestled" a match against David Flair at WCW Mayhem on November 21, 1999. In 2000, she turned on DDP to join Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff's New Blood stable. She decided it was "all about me" instead of DDP and it was hinted she was romantically involved with Bischoff. She had small feuds with Elizabeth and Miss Hancock. She was also briefly paired with Mike Awesome.

She left WCW for good after she had backstage problems with Scott Steiner, stemming from an incident where Kimberly claimed that drugs found in a locker room belonged to Tammy Lynn Sytch, leading to Sytch and her boyfriend, Chris Candido, being released from WCW. Steiner, known for his quick temper, began insulting Kimberly in his promos, leading to a backstage rivalry with Page and Kimberly. When it became clear that WCW management would not do much to stop the problems, Kimberly departed WCW. There were also rumors that the reason for her departure was due to her unwillingness to train to wrestle, as WCW wanted Page and Hancock to wrestle on Pay-Per-View. She was originally scheduled to be paired with Chris Kanyon in her next angle.

On July 3, 2004, Page announced that he and Kimberly had amicably separated. Kimberly and DDP officially divorced late in 2005.

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