Monday, January 22, 2007

WWF / WCW: Ryan Shamrock

Ring name(s) Ryan Shamrock,Symphony,Aleesha
Height 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Weight 105 lb (48 kg)
Born May 4th, 1979,Houston, Texas
Trained by Ken Shamrock
Debut 1998
Retired 2003

Alicia Nicole Webb is a former professional wrestler and valet.

Webb was a waitress at a topless club in Houston when the WWF hired her for a one shot appearance in 1998 as Ryan Shamrock, the sister of Ken Shamrock. This led to a continuing job with the WWF. She joined the Pretty Mean Sisters (PMS) stable, along with Terri Runnels and Jacqueline. She later left PMS and was briefly a valet for Goldust along with The Blue Meanie, with whom she bickered. The storyline was dropped after Goldust was injured.

She left the WWF and got a job in WCW as Symphony, manager of The Maestro. She was gone by 2001 when WCW was bought out by WWE owner Vince McMahon. She wrestled on the independent circuit until being hired by the newly founded NWA:TNA. She worked for that promotion briefly as Aleesha, scouting wrestlers but nothing ever came of it. She and Ken left after a couple of shows.

From 1999 until early 2003, she dated Ken Shamrock. Don Frye commented that Ken Shamrock had cheated on and divorced his wife to date a young girl (Alicia Webb was 19 and Ken Shamrock was 35 when they started dating). Ken Shamrock, enraged by his personal life leaking out, got into a feud with Don Frye. The feud ended in a match during PRIDE 19 - Bad Blood, which Don Frye won by split decision. The two fighters have been on good terms since then.

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