Sunday, June 21, 2015

The TNA Knockouts Roster - June, 2015

I have given up a few times on TNA Impact.
I have said that was it and just quit paying any attention to them at all.
But it seems like everytime I do that, they pull something pretty great out of their hats.
So I keep going back.

Taking a look at their roster, you can see that it looks like once again they are trying to beef up the Impact Knockouts division....

The "Dollhouse" - Taryn Terrell, Jade, Marti Bell
     The "Dollhouse" - Taryn Terrell, Jade, Marti Bell

Taryn Terrell - TNA Knockouts Champion
Jade aka Mia Yim
Marti Bell
Angelina Love
Awesome Kong
Gail Kim
Madison Rayne
Velvet Sky

So maybe I will keep giving TNA a chance.
Heck, I've been doing it for years.

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