Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gail Kim Is Gone

Gail Kim Is Gone

Well Gail Kim is officially gone from the WWE.
Now she's an ex-WWE Diva, Ex- TNA Knockout and ex-WWE Diva again.
Gail said on her Twitter account back on August 5th that she quit the promotion after her appearance on the August 1st RAW when she eliminated herself from the Divas Championship Number One Contender Battle Royal.
The WWE said they wanted her eliminated in the first minute, so Gail did them one better and eliminated herself.
Even though Gail quit on August 1st, the WWE didn't grant her release and technically benched her till they removed her WWE profile on September 30th.
After her profile was removed, Gail said on her Twitter account, "Yeah I guess they're slow. Cuffs shouldve been off last week."

So will Gail go back to TNA and start wrestling again?
I'm gonna go with no.
I just don't see it happening.

The Food Network’s Robert Irvine and Gail are making their wedding plans for Napa Valley, California this coming spring and I really dont see TNA figuring into that.

If you want to hear Gail's views on all this, check out because on October 12th they will be airing The Hot Zone with Gail Kim on live iPPV.

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Scott Winters said...

its sad that "Gail Kim Is Gone"

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