Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Return of GLOW ?

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Today we take a step away from WWE and TNA.....

Big Vision Entertainment (the creators of Wrestling Society X) look to be restarting GLOW.
They had an open casting call on Tuesday January 27th. 2009, looking for new wrestlers.
Well not just new wrestlers, as their press release said, " You do not need experience in professional wrestling to take part. We are looking for a very wide range of types and styles of people. "

So I'm guessing what they are doing is getting good looking women, testing them for camera presence and then going on to train them as wrestlers?
As you probably already know, GLOW was formed in 1985 by David B. McLane along with Jackie Stallone (yes Sylvester Stallone's mother).
It was kinda like Hee Haw with wrestling.
It had colorful characters, beautiful women, and over-the-top (read dumb) comedy sketches.

As you may also know, that's where Lisa Moretti (WWE's Ivory) got her start as Tina Ferrari, and Mando Guerrero (the son of legendary Gory Guerrero and the brother of Chavo, Hector Guerrero and Eddie Guerrero) was the original GLOW trainer.

I'm interested to see how this will pan out.
Even though I watched GLOW in it's heyday, I can't sit through an entire episode now.
Are they going to reboot the series?
Make it serious this time?
Female wrestling does fairly well in Lucha Libre and Joshi Puroresu is a constant draw in Japan.
How could GLOW expect to out do SHIMMER in the US?

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