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Female Wrestling - Krissy Vaine

Wrestler Ring name(s) Krissy Vaine,Special K,Blonde Bombshell,Incomparable
Billed height 5'8"
Billed weight 135 lbs
Born January 12, 1981,Greensboro, North Carolina
Trained by Jeff Rudd, DSW
Pro Wrestling Debut 2000 (manager)
2003 (wrestler)

Female Wrestling - Krissy Vaine

Kristin Eubanks is a pro wrestler better known as Krissy Vaine. She is currently training under a developmental contract in WWE's developmental territory Deep South Wrestling where she is currently the General Manager.

Kristin Eubanks started wrestling in May 2003 as Special K. She had already been appearing as a manager since 2000. She was the manager of Ric Converse, who later became AWA World Champion. Converse, Vaine, Brad Attitude, and Brad Rains combined to form "The Dynasty" that dominated the CWF Mid Atlanic indy promotion for a year as a Four Horseman like group of heels. She feuded with Jenny Taylor and Amber O'Neal in the CWF. In 2004, she changed her name to Krissy Vaine and formed "Team Blondage" with O'Neal. They had a few tryouts for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on both SmackDown! and RAW but never got signed.

She has worked for the WWA, CWF, NWA Mid-Atlantic, CCW, PGWA, WEW, Memphis Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance, EWA, WXW, IWA, and SHIMMER.

In January 2006, she signed a developmental contract with WWE. Krissy made her first DSW appearance at the March 9, 2006 TV Tapings where she and Kristal Marshall threw t-shirts into the crowd during intermission. Her official debut at the March 16, 2006 DSW TV Tapings was in the role of a female referee. As of June 2006 she would be managing Kevin Matthews during his matches. Krissy made her Deep South in-ring debut on the June 22, 2006 DSW TV Tapings, she defeated Tracy Taylor and Matt Striker was the referee. During the match Matt ignored pinfalls that Tracy attempted but quickly counted the falls that Krissy did, as a result Tracy lost. After the match Mike Taylor came and confronted Matt Striker. On the June 27, 2006 DSW TV Tapings, Krissy defeated the debut of Shantelle Taylor by grabbing the tights for the win. The following week Krissy lost her match against Tracy Taylor when Shantelle Taylor interfered during the match. At the August 10, 2006 DSW TV Tapings Krissy couldn't defeat Shantelle Taylor even with Angel Williams in her corner. On September 9, 2006 Krissy was defeated by Shantelle Taylor at Deep South Wrestling Grand Park Slam event in Six Flags over Georgia. At the September 14, 2006 Deep South TV Tapings Krissy participated in a Bikini Contest in which it was won by Tracy Taylor. At the September 21, 2006 DSW TV Tapings Krissy participated in a Bikini Contest in which it was won by Angel Williams. At the September 28, 2006 DSW TV Tapings Krissy and Angel Williams defeated Tracy Taylor and Shantelle Taylor in a tag team match. At the October 12, 2006 Deep South TV Tapings, Krissy became the General Manager for Deep South Wrestling. In late 2006 and early 2007 Krissy then got in a feud with Angel Williams, this was because Krissy was tired of Angel and made her lose her matches by distractions by other Deep South Divas, even getting attack by Angel in her office.

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