Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lei’D Tapa vs. Gail Kim - TNA Impact Wrestling

The battle of the TNA Knockouts as Lei’D Tapa took on Gail Kim (who is roughly half her size) in a match to see if Tapa stayed in TNA.
I imagine you can guess the result....

Lei’D Tapa vs. Gail Kim - TNA Impact Wrestling

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Yeah I know I am kinda late with this...but "stuff" came up....you know?
On TNA Impact Wrestling on March 20th, Lei’D Tapa took on her former...ummm...boss?...Gail Kim in a loser leaves TNA match. You would think that Lei’D Tapa being 5'11 and 220 pounds and Gail being 5'4 and 120 pounds, this match would be kinda one sided right? Nope. Hey....it's "wrestling". This is performance art people!

Anyway, they start out with several good exchanges with Gail and Lei'D. Gail starts getting the upper hand with attacks to one of Lei'D's legs which I swear looks as big around as Gail's waist! Gail looks on an awesome standing (well hanging actually) Dragon Sleeper and almost submits Tapa. Tapa breaks free but eventually goes down to Gail's "Eat Defeat" finisher.
So Tapa is gone from TNA. Kinda.

When Tapa was signed to TNA she first went to Ohio Valley Wrestling (their training ground) where she was trained some more. She is the niece of wrestling legend The Barbarian and actually started wrestling in 2011. Tapa is now back full swing in OVW, even though TNA and OVW have now cut ties. Interestingly, a LOT of OVW alumni have gone on to the WWE...

Lei’D Tapa and Tamina Snuka tag team anyone?

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