Thursday, July 15, 2010

The WWE Loves Alicia Fox

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE officials are very high on current Diva's Champion Alicia Fox.
And why not?
She's....well she's....and then she's.....
Okay, having Alicia Fox as Diva's Champion makes about as much sense as Eve Torres.
(Although I checked, and Eve outranks Alicia in internet searches almost 2 to 1, so it may not have been such a good idea from a publicity stand point)
She's been wrestling for a whole four years, and not counting the OVW Women's Championship, the Diva's Championship is the only belt she's ever held.

How does she rank up against the other SmackDown! Divas?
Well she's better than (or equal to) the Bella Twins, Eve Torres...
Hmmm, that’s about it I think.
That leaves Gail Kim, Jillian, Maryse, Melina, Natalya and probably Tamina that are better than her.
(Okay, I'm sure Tamina would take Alicia's lunch money and stuff her in a locker, but I'm trying to be nice here)

And yes I put Maryse on that list because even though she started out as another "model sign up" in the WWE, she has put in a LOT of effort in her four years with the company.
She was trained by some of the greats like Al Snow, Steve Keirn, Tom Prichard, Finlay and Ricky Steamboat, and she has some martial arts background as well.

And here's even more fun for wrestling fans...
The WWE has signed her sister Christina Crawford, and she's training at the FCW developmental facility.

So can we expect Christina Fox as the WWE Diva's Champion in 2014?
Probably, if not sooner.

On the upside, maybe they are doing this so when Melina does come back, she can have a title match with Alicia on SmackDown!, beat her in like 30 seconds and end this.

The WWE Loves Alicia Fox, posted to on July 15th, 2010.

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